Surf's Up Santa Lyrics

Santa had a case of the ‘Holiday Blues’. Stressed out from the ‘Christmas Grind’
He went A.W.O.L. from the shopping malls, now he’s a hard Santa Claus to find.
He traded his boots for a ‘Santa wet suit’, his dream since he was a kid.
Of going on tour with an old surf board, and living clear off of the grid.

Santa’s gone surfing, even on Christmas Day. (surfin’ Santa, surfin’ Santa)
He’s cruisin with his buddies got his board in the back of his sleigh. (surfin’ Santa, surfin’ Santa)
Surf’s Up Santa! It’s time to hit some radical waves!

Surfin’ Saint Nick he can really rip. At Tressels he was tearin’ it up.
That jolly old dude, got totally tubed. ‘Mavericks’ he was hangin’ real tough.
Then he cruised his sleigh, to Waimea Bay. Goin’ for the really Big One!
Twist an’ Shout! Santa makes it out! “ Rockin’ Roll Local Motion”.

Santa’s gone surfin’, even on Christmas Day. (surfin’ Santa, surfin’ Santa)
He’s cruisin’ with some hunnies got his board in the back of his sleigh, (surfin’ Santa, surfin Santa)
Surf’s Up Santa! He’s catchin’ every radical wave!
Go for it Santa! It’s a Cowabunga Holiday! (Woo Hoo! Oww!)

(Solo) “woo hoo! Go for it Santa! Woo hoo! Oww, Oww! Yeah! Right On! Santa’s Rad!”

He’s the ‘knarliest’ Santa you’ve ever seen! The Big Kahuna’s crowning him King.
Saw him on the cover ‘Surfer Magazine’, Santa’s one mean surfin’ machine! (Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho)

(“Meanwhile, back at the Luall”)

Out at the ‘Wedge’. Santa made a pledge, to all the surfers of the world!
He delivered surfboards at the ‘Surfin’ Awards’, to every little boy and girl.
You can see um’ all out, on the waves, just about Christmas time.
And Ole’ Saint Nick’s got a brand new stick, as he comes tearin’ on down the line! (ho ho ho ho ho ho.Yee )

Santa’s still surfing, even on Christmas Day, (surfin’ Santa, surfin’ Santa )
He’s the hottest shredder in the Continental U.S.A. (surfin’ Santa, Surfin’ Santa)
Surf’s Up Santa! See you down at Steamer’s Lane!
Merry Christmas Santa, kisses from your surfer babes!
Surf’s Up Santa! It’s a Cowabunga Holiday! (Woo Hoo, Oww Oww Oww Oww Oww Yoe)
“Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho , Wipe Out!”

By Darrin Mazzilli

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